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The implementation of brand strategy to promote mechanical industries to grow stronger
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HC Machinery Industry Network], the machinery industry of great significance to the implementation of brand strategy

At present, the whole nation in the party's 18 under the guidance of the spirit, opened a new Chinese dream voyage. Carrying the national mission and revitalization of the heavy responsibility of Machinery Industry, into the transformation and upgrading, to grow stronger development in the new era. Adhere to the main theme, the implementation of brand strategy, take the quality and efficiency of development, has become a thriving enterprise Societe Generale inevitable choice to achieve sustainable development. Especially in the process of development of the market economy, people are more and more profound awareness of the brand. The brand has not only become geared to consumers high-quality, high standard, high taste identification symbol has also become a powerful tool for producers to maintain a competitive advantage and priceless intangible assets. Machinery industry to provide equipment for the various sectors of the national economy, the implementation of brand strategy particularly significant.

(A) The implementation of brand strategy is the duty of the machinery industry to serve the national economic and social development.

Process to catch up with the world advanced level, to revitalize national industry, the brand strategy has always been the party and the country attached great importance. The central leadership has repeatedly instructed instructions, the relevant departments issued a document, planning programs. In the party's 18-second session of the National People's Congress, People's Political Consultative Conference and other important reports are particularly emphasized in order to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development as the center, and effectively improve product quality.

Machinery industry as the foundation of national strategic industries, the industrial large-scale, high correlation, a heavier proportion of the important status and role, the implementation of brand strategy, improve product quality and the quality of development, not only is the life of enterprise and industry, construction The fundamental mechanical power, but also the comprehensive construction of a well-off society in an all-round way, the basic requirements to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Machinery and industrial equipment service in the majority of the country's economic and social field, its quality problems not only related to all sectors of the national economy, but also about the overall situation of people's livelihood and national defense construction, and its importance is self-evident.Therefore, earnestly implement the principles and policies of the party and the state and the fundamental requirements, vigorously implement the brand strategy of quality as the core, is an important duty of our industry-wide.

(B) the implementation of brand strategy is an important measure to promote the transformation and upgrading of machinery industry.

The General Assembly last year, the machine together mechanical industrial transformation is to promote industrial development to innovative, low carbon green, smart manufacturing, service-oriented, domestic demand-led transformation; upgrade is to fully optimize the industrial, technology, products, organizations, layout structure, and promote the overall industrial structure optimization and upgrading.The focus of industry transformation and upgrading, is trying to crack the capability of independent innovation is weak, poor product quality, technological content and low value-added economy, the crux of the lack of well-known brands, as well as extensive production, and promote industrial walking endogenous growth, innovation-driven development quality and efficiency road.

The implementation of brand strategy helps to stimulate enthusiasm for innovation in industry eyes inward, to promote independent innovation capability and new product development, new market development, stimulating growth in demand; conducive to improving the product mix, to create a well-known brand, eliminate backward production capacity, extend the industrial chain promote product quality and economic value added increased; conducive to promoting management and process innovation, mechanism innovation, reduce costs, improve performance, enhance the level of cultural construction, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.

(C) implementation of brand strategy is the machinery enterprises survival and development of the inevitable choice.

Quality is the life, the brand is a concentrated expression of quality. In a market economy, the brand is the best market permits, means that the product of high quality, high value-added, high-margin, high market share. Market competition in the marketing of the war, in essence, is the battle of the brands with the market is more important than having the product, and the only way to have a market brand products have dominated the market, brand and brand strategy has become the market competitiveness of enterprises to build key. The brand marks customer base. Body from brand to reflect the corporate culture, tradition, spirit and philosophy and brand awareness, reputation, depends on the choice of the user and the user's loyalty, determine the survival and development of products and companies. The brand stands for consistent quality and service commitment, the combination of the company's image and market evaluation, under the cover of the brand reflects the interests of lasting constant. Lack of brand means the weakening of the customer and market. The brand is the most valuable intangible assets. Development, creation, promotion of a brand, requires a certain amount of investment and long-term process, and the fame and reputation of the brand, you can bring a larger customer base, higher returns and greater value.

Only through the implementation of brand strategy, in order to do Gangjumuzhang drive business process design, all aspects of production management and marketing operations, accelerate the pace of innovation, accelerate the upgrading of endogenous motivation, as soon as possible with a strong competitive brand products and services, gather to catch up the ability of the world's advanced level in order to be strong in the fierce market competition.

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