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Company Brief
Newstay industrial accessories business in April 2004 , is mainly responsible for the production of industrial accessories; Hebei production base was established in June 2008, is mainly responsible for the production of mechanical operating parts; August 2012, Nanhai, Foshan production baseestablished primarily responsible for the production of furniture, plumbing hardware accessories.

In March 2013, Foshan City Shunde District Newstay Industrial Parts Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) was established and registered trademark of SAYVOL brand, Shunde headquarters is mainly responsible for the marketing efforts of the three production bases.

At present, the production base in, South China Sea and Hebei total of more than 500 employees, the main production handles, locks, hinges, hasps, Door Stopper, latches, plumbing hardware; handles, hand wheels, handles, Foot Cup. In the world with more than 20 overseas sales offices.Future, SAYVOL (Newstay) to change the mode of development, to enhance the marketing of structural adjustment and independent innovation. And strive to become the industry globally influential brand.

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