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Product sales support
Customers purchase products (including agents and direct users) are automatically enjoy the Company’s after-sales service. Newstay industrial parts to provide users with high-quality and comprehensive after-sales service, regardless of what the user will get detailed and thoughtful help of the World Department of Industrial Parts Customer Service Department. The customer service department will reflect issues of classification, rapid contact with relevant departments as soon as possible to solve customer problems.

Product quality problems
World Department of industrial parts products are tested in the factory, product quality standards qualified products. If the users to buy the industrial parts Newstay products other problems, please contact the customer service department and the local agent or regular crystal good actually, we will for the user’s specific issues dealt with separately. As consumer rights under the law to ensure that users are fully respected.

Product delivery problem
The industrial accessories Newstay transport, may be transported by the distribution center may also directly by the marketing department the product stream is sent to the the agents designated locations, or by Newstay industrial accessories by EMS or Air Express service users. Regardless of the manner in which the delivery of our products, the user the right to request to receive when the packaging is intact and complete all attachments. If the user sees the product packaging incomplete, resulting in damaged, affecting product quality, do not acceptance, and timely contact with the customer service department, according to customer requirements in a timely manner, we will contact with the logistics center and give a solution as soon as possible.

110; 1 year, the whole non-human damage, replacement, 10, under the premise of not replace components warranty.
1424 engineering; 14, customer service employees after 14 hours of work boot state. (08.00-22.00) 24, agents, distributors market feedback problems within 24 hours to answer or resolve.

Late support
The headquarters for the agents to the scene to develop programs to help develop new markets, establish sales channels;
Headquarters for agents to provide a unified VI image design, various materials and promotional items;
Headquarters for agents in various promotional activities to provide technical support.

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