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- Talent Concept - employees are the foundation of our survival and development. Good staff, bringing good products and good service. Brand employees facilities are complemented to excellent services to meet the brand enterprises. Our talent: selection Chung Tak, the employer with education materials, to keep people with affection.

Selection Chung Tak: Sayvol values ​​is the most important prerequisite for selection. We choose competent and honest employees, the German word first.

Employer with: their talent, so that employees do their best security of its post. Between the earth and the heaven source, the the who ability to is stronger, who will be able to get the more important work positions.

Education materials: a short foot, inch a director, the company has trained personnel to focus on their strengths, because the material applied sterile. Based on each person’s situation, the development of personalized career planning.

Keep people with affection: to provide staff with broad space for development, making it the ability to play. To create a more family-oriented working environment and cultural atmosphere to retain more talent.

Our concept of work:

1 We advocate a "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" work ethic. Physical and mental health, enjoy the work, and in order to obtain the the real fun in life.
2. Sayvol the the development of is not just the individual and the the the combination of of the the interests of enterprises of, more is that everyone be able to share the common ideals and values​​, which will is the the source of to promote the King Yu the the energy of of to grow and develop.

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