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The 3C products or will usher in the first industrial revolution "
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With the accelerated pace of life, as the representative of 3C products to mobile phones, digital, computer has increasingly become a necessity of life of all types of people. Dazzling 3C products, how to smoke and mirrors to pick the most suitable products and promotional activities up to and supporting the most complete protection of the store has become more confusing problem, Tianjin Gome 3C home appliance business director at the given name recommendations. The total height of 1.8 meters, a pair of gold-rimmed glasses show off a scholar temperament, talk about the country the United States, "51" 3C product promotion, more like a professional sales staff.


"May Day" activities every eight back Bai

This year, the "51" to any stores of Gome Share 3C to enjoy every eight back Bai promotions, the purchase of 888 yuan back to 100 back over 1,888 yuan to 200 yuan, up by $ 100 on this basis can also accumulate enjoy Special to the $ 200, 3C definitely be called the past and generous.

The highly anticipated Samsung K-4 (S4) and htc diamond king (M7) will be held on April 27 in the United States first, "51" during the country the United States Telecom launched a joint promotional activities, during which any store to buy Gome K-4 network price only 1499 yuan, the Note2 network price only 999 yuan, the iphone5 network price of only 999 yuan, in addition to high-end gift. In addition to high-end products, as well as a flood of low-end joint venture, the domestic selling models from 100 yuan practical model to fashion '000 machine the luxury million machine is suitable for different needs populations, have different levels of promotional activities.

Several major brands of Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus, represented by computer brands together Gome full stocking "51" market, the Central Purchasing single country the United States more than billion a clean sweep of the current popular notebook and desktop computer model, the "51" period to the United States bought the computer a comprehensive ranging from 200-500 yuan straight down, to touch this as the theme of large special promotions models cash back.

SLR cameras as the preferred travel equipment has entered the sales peak, can enjoy the magic price of any stores in the United States today to buy SLR camera, Canon, Nikon SLR camera new "51" will be unveiled at the same time, different standards The professional lens 6-fold sales stores in the United States.

Safety accessories enjoy healthy

Currently, the uneven quality of appliance parts, quality-related accessories will likely harm to the consumer body, and even fire, leakage and other safety hazards, and difficult to find a safe and reliable accessories has also become a major consumer distress. In order to allow consumers to buy safe and healthy appliance parts, March 2013, Gome will start the "safety and health" Accessories engineering, to become the first in the industry to promote this idea. General introduction, six metals (lead and cadmium), enter the body through skin contact, causing irreversible damage to the human body, especially young people in the growth process, once entered the body of heavy metals in the consumer electronics life can not be discharged. In order to protect the consumer, the United States took the lead in the country compared to the more stringent EU RoHS standards parameter to control the introduction of accessories, and gradually "Healthy accessories, take the lead in establishing China's own consumer electronics accessories health standards.

The rapid development of 3C blowout

With the rapid development of technology of the Internet network, closely linked with the Internet, mobile phone, digital, computer and accessories deeper and deeper into the life and work of the urban population, become essential tools and partners. Total 3C products boom of Internet detonated explosive, in the United States, the smart phone, the touch of the fashion label product sales as the representative of gradual rise in the leading store sales as 3C 3C products from Gome sales trend, confirms the era 3C blowout.

Professional store more secure

Gome powerful National Central Purchasing ability to continue immediately after the pulse of the times for the national Central Purchasing new models, Central Purchasing power down the cost of procurement, coupled with the country the United States and China Mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators cooperation so that consumers can be purchased at a lower price to their favorite 3C products in the United States. "So that consumers have been mixed 3C products after-sales service in the United States also launched a satisfactory solution, Gome first attempt mobile phone products within one month of free test kits refunds or exchanges, take precedence over the relevant provisions of the Warranty Act, the first attempt by consumer warm welcome to great acclaim. the future, the United States will also use the channel edge launched more convenient to consumers 3C products and services initiatives. "in the name says.

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