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Wang Shiwei stressed the need to develop industrial
Clicks: 17370    Add Date: 2013-4-19

18, Party Secretary Wang Shiwei Xiuyan research. Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Li Deping participate in research.

The Wang Shiwei his entourage inspected the the ocean river port industrial zone park planning and construction, the Anshan the Junda Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., Anshan City Xianglong Refrigeration Equipment Parts Factory, Anshan valve plant, flourishing Mayer Energy Saving Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., Liaoning and Fook Group, Anshan pseudolaric Ning Food Co., Ltd., Anshan solenoid valve Co., Ltd. production and operation of Jade Mountain Resort, ditch Hot Springs project construction.

Wang Shiwei pointed out that the development of county economy must vigorously develop industrial clusters. He stressed that to rely on the Xiuyan resources and location advantages, to further clarify the industrial development orientation, the scientific development of the industry development plan, to speed up infrastructure, R & D testing center and standardization of plant construction, promote the industrial park management system and mechanism innovation, continuous improvement of industrial park appeal. To accelerate the construction of ocean river port industrial zone, increase investment, and continue to cultivate new economic growth point. We must vigorously develop the tourism economy, and strive to build the Jade Mountain National 5A-class tourist resort. To rely on the hot spring resources, to construct a spa, resort, resort, leisure in one integrated tourism resort center.

Wang Shiwei requirements, Xiuyan to high standards and high quality to do a good job of industrial park construction, efforts to promote the development of leading industry cluster, make unremitting efforts to enhance the the Xiuyan economic level, the benefit of the people of the county.

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