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Hardware accessories valve healthy and rapid development six points
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There are many shortcomings and problems, businesses in China to learn more foreign enterprises and state-of-the-art management system, as well as product innovation and technological learning, in order to promote the development and improvement of the valve industry. Valve company in China, the most critical is to further enhance product quality and technical content, only to lay a solid foundation, unremitting exploration and innovation, our brand valves to renowned overseas.

First, there must be innovation. With a sense of innovation, encourage enterprises to make the effort and will seize the opportunity. Wenzhou and other parts of the valve industry, many companies also use the family workshop mode, there is an urgent need to establish a modern management concepts, including market awareness, service awareness, sense of competition, a sense of crisis. In opening up the market, including promotional platform for the establishment, the choice of media with the launch of the promotion, customers looking to establish new customer relationships, business communication and exchange of new orders, etc., have long-term planning and response measures. Valve industry, but also attaches great importance to technological development and innovation, focus on the formation mechanism of the development of technological development and innovation.

The core of enterprise and innovation is the "technological innovation", an enterprise has no vitality, first look at the production of the products are not viable, high-tech, state-of-the-art products, give enterprise development and effectiveness, while behind eliminated on bring only decline and bankruptcy, we have already mentioned above, most SMEs do not want to go independent innovation, brains, develop new products, always the sake of convenience, you and learn from me, I learned you do not know the vitality of the product , market share, herd, to hit the market, resulting in disorderly competition in the market, messing up the order of the market economy. Efforts should be made to reverse the "lack of innovation, imitation of more than" negative phenomena.

Valve business to adhere to innovation, product structure adjustment, the transformation of traditional products, to enter the high-end valve.Requirements scale enterprises must take the lead in these efforts, for the domestic one-third of valve products purchased from abroad, and gradually won over to enhance the level and competitiveness of the domestic valve industry, and small businesses, one to go professional production, do a good job in a factory product, doing fine and stronger, and make efforts to improve management, improve technology and equipment, improve product quality and grade and competitiveness. Many of the world's successful companies are small to large, from weak to strong, the development of large companies and has a strong vitality, all based on innovation to achieve, so the strength of the innovation capability of enterprises will eventually decide with the competitiveness of enterprises and enterprise efficiency and effectiveness. And thus to enhance the quality and image of the valve industry.

Second, efforts to develop domestic and international market: enterprises to develop domestic and international markets is a continuous self-improvement and development process, in fact, business development and growth process.This stage, the enterprise should take the strategy of "two legs" walk according to the actual situation, pay attention to the development of international and domestic markets. This marketing strategy can reduce business risk to a certain extent, to enable enterprises to proceed step by step, step by step, expanding the scope of the target market for enterprises to lay a solid foundation of great benefit.

Third, strengthen cost control to ease the competitive pressure. Cost control process is the process of systems engineering principles of various enterprises in the production process cost is calculated, regulation and supervision of the internal potential to find all possible ways to reduce costs, but to find the weak links, . For domestic manufacturing enterprises, scientific organization and implementation of cost control, to promote enterprises to improve management, changing the operating mechanism, and comprehensively improve the quality of enterprises so that enterprises in the fierce market competition environment continue to develop and grow.Adjust the structure of production capacity, the development of connotation expansion

Fourth, accelerate the effective integration of resources restructuring and development. After 10 years of benign development, for further development and lay the foundation, which contains a healthy balance advantage in the valve industry to achieve structural adjustment. With the deepening of the market economy, China's valve industry suffered a "low, small, scattered and many other issues, the industry has encountered difficulties. Not rely on price competition, brand of small and medium-sized enterprises difficult, close to the edge of collapse. There is no must be a way, in recent years, valve companies realize that break through the current industry difficulties, we must accelerate the pace of consolidation and reorganization. Wenzhou valve industry pioneer courage to choose the consolidation and reorganization, seek new development of the road, the early success, in order to achieve complementary resources, common development, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to expand the living space, but also out of the the new ways of the "1 + N" the optimal combination of innovation advantage.

Fifth, update their concepts, get rid of the "rich security" conservative ideas, learning the fighting spirit of Wenzhou daring and innovative, to do the upgrade of the technological transformation of enterprises, to enhance the overall level of equipment. And increase investment. Increase investment in new product development, especially to increase valve products of basic research investment, to improve the the valve technological content of products and value-added, to create the necessary conditions to maximize their profits. But also to change the system. Valve business all private joint-stock enterprises, state-of-the-art business philosophy, flexible management methods. Therefore, the system of change, as soon as possible enterprises into stock companies and managers professional imperative, employees become shareholders, change to dry as I want to do, to further improve the enthusiasm of the staff and management personnel, business by leaps and bounds.

Sixth, the training of talents to promote the progress of the industry: the current era of knowledge economy era of strategic competition, the competitiveness of enterprises in the final analysis is the talent competition, people-oriented, talent unprecedented importance. Valve company in technical and management personnel shortages, lower the overall quality of the staff and workers, especially the western industrial development and the rise of foreign talent to gradually reduce the valve industry and other industry enterprises have begun to appear high, medium, Talent Crisis of low-level and general workers, cited the difficulty of main valve corporate CEOs, has caused a high degree of attention, they are seriously thinking about how to open up the road to talent. Business from now on, to further tap the talent resources and potential for development of human resources, and work hard to strengthen personnel training, talent, attract talent, use of personnel, adhere to the people-oriented, using a variety of ways and means to stimulate mental and physical labor the enthusiasm, wisdom and creativity, in order to contribute to the business development and progress of the industry.

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