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Development and Reform Commission: fuel tax reform package announced soon
Clicks: 15095    Add Date: 2010-9-29
The national development and Reform Commission Director Zhang Ping said yesterday, 26, a State Council executive meeting discussed the fuel tax reform issues. "The overall requirements of the fuel tax reform is' fair, specification, saving, it'. Fair, is to reflect the oil will be much burden principle; specification, is the past various charges or highway, waterway maintenance, management fees into the fuel consumption tax, also is the fee into tax. Oil will pay more -- we hope to be able to promote the fuel saving through such measures. It is, in the current international and domestic price level, the tax and fee reform in all aspects of the burden is reduced, because in our programme of reform, the total amount of taxes and fees is balanced, but this price level, in the tax reform process will reduce the burden of the people, because now the international oil price is lower than the domestic."
According to Zhang Ping, the State Council executive meeting on the reform of taxes and fees for the NDRC raised with the relevant departments are discussed, put forward some amendments, the national development and Reform Commission is in conjunction with the relevant departments to revise and improve the program, modify the will soon be released to the society, to listen to public opinion.

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