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Three initiatives to help deal with the crisis of domestic parts enterprises
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The United States since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the United States of America rely too much on the automobile finance market suffered a heavy blow. With the start of the financial crisis the real economy crisis, the global auto industry have been involved in crisis whirlpool. Automobile industry chain in the parts industry inevitably suffer crisis:
According to statistics, the United States auto parts supplier Borg Warner Corporation recently released a quarterly loss announcement, and expects the impact of the credit crisis and the global economic slowdown brought will extend to the entire 2009; at the beginning of 11, Japan Denso Corporation announced the company as of September 30, 2008 the first half of the fiscal year global financial performance display, Denso first-half net year-on-year profit shrunk 50.2%; ArvinMeritor company headquartered in Detroit auto parts manufacturer recently announced plans to cut 7%, in response to the weakness of the global auto market, do not rule out the possible sale of part of the business......
The financial crisis caused by the negative impact on the global auto parts enterprises. And in China, domestic parts enterprises is subjected to various pressures.
At present our country auto parts enterprises ten thousand more than 5000. These assets can really more than 100 million yuan of large parts of the enterprise can be counted on one's fingers, the majority of parts enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, the smaller scale of the enterprise, industry weaker at the present stage of China's auto parts industry. But the big background of the economic crisis, the development prospects of the parts industry is not optimistic. Local parts enterprises is what measures should be taken to reduce the financial crisis hurt?
In terms of the global car market downturn in car city, the direct cause is due to policy changes and financial market instability caused by. The instability of financial markets, so that the urban middle class residents asset depreciation, falling spending power, the desire to reduce consumption.
In terms of Chinese automobile market, the automobile consumption is still in the development stage, compared with China's population, the car retains the quantity is very small. Automobile consumption is still in the first to buy a new car, the market demand is far from being satisfied. Data shows, it is expected that by 2010, China's car ownership will reach 80000000. As China's car ownership continues to increase, will obviously increase the accessories repair requirements, spare parts sales will increase.
Although the car passenger car and commercial vehicle production and sales are in the growth rate decline, but overall, the automobile market is growing, growth down and can not explain the automobile market will slump continues, more reasons, Chinese automobile industry will maintain a stable development, which will promote the sustainable development of auto parts industry.
In the face of the crisis, the enterprise should not be stampeded into first. As the saying goes "within an 攘外 first", the survival and development of enterprises is even more so. Depth analysis of factors of corporate organizational structure, product structure, sales network, technology research and development and other aspects should be parts enterprises, according to the market situation and scientifically adjust the various resources in each link of each sector in the allocation, to promote the stable development of enterprises.
A. cost control and technology research and development complement each other, the two is to strengthen the foundation of the competitiveness of enterprises.
In the face of unprecedented tightening economic crisis, the profit space, the enterprise shall strengthen cost control and research and development, especially high technology content products, and strive to improve the additional value of the products, to seize the global automotive parts industry depression opportunities, cost and technology advantages to snatch the domestic and global market. In an interview with Hui Cong net vie Group Chairman Mr. Chen Lixiang said that "the financial crisis on us really caused some impact, but at the cost of R & D input, did little to assuage. At the same time, we have done a lot of work in the area of cost control, cost control and technology because the power will be fundamental to our advantage in the next round of the competition."
B. has a choice, there are plans to expand cooperation, realize the integration of enterprise resources and the industrial chain.
1 resource integration and parts enterprises
Weichai Power to super 1000000000 yuan price of the successful holding torch company, Weichai Power by a single engine manufacturers to become a dynamic system, the ignition system and vehicle manufacturing industries of large automobile and parts group. At the same time, Weichai owns a stable customer of Shaanxi heavy duty truck. Weichai Power and torch so integrated in the capital, management, enterprise value, sales team building etc..
2 resource integration and vehicle enterprises
It is reported, recently Weichai Power and Futian Automobile reached a "strategic partnership", in its signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement" in clear reference, Weichai Power will be carried out and automobile Futian cooperation in all its service network, market promotion, brand communication aspects, both complement each other and sharing resources.
Thus, the integration of resources between the parts enterprises and parts enterprises and between enterprises of both parts of the vehicle or vehicle enterprise is a good choice. Parts enterprises can take the opportunity to improve the level of product technology, stable product market; car companies can use parts enterprises service market, brand promotion, building momentum, and increase market share.
Deserves special mention is the integration of resources, whether it is what kind of, need parts enterprises based on independent R & D capability. Therefore, the corporate R & D capability is an important link of enterprise always pay attention to the.
Seize the opportunity of enterprise development to achieve a perfect span
Although the financial crisis on the global auto industry caused great harm. But from another point of view, but can not say that it is also an opportunity. The international automobile industry downturn, there will be excess capacity in the industry. This excess capacity is bound to include elements of talent, technology etc.. Many foreign research and development company, design company benefit may decrease, it will be a very good opportunity for Chinese automobile and parts enterprises acquisitions, mergers, mining personnel.
For domestic independent brands, especially the strength of the brand is also a kind of opportunity. Has the independent research and development capacity and independent brand auto parts enterprises, in the conditions allow, on one hand, maintain and stabilize the original structure of product quality and sales channels; on the other hand, aiming at the demand of the market, R & D and production with the difference and the technical strength of the products, share market and international well-known brand competition.
Fuel tax or levy
Because the slump in international oil prices, the domestic refined oil prices recently is likely to cut. "Fuel tax levy will soon" the news immediately for the weakness of the automobile market into a glimmer of hope. Although at present, collection date and collection standards have not yet been determined. But "the introduction of fuel tax, will undoubtedly have a stimulating effect on the car market."
At the same time, fuel tax, once implemented, will promote the new energy automotive R & D and marketing, small-displacement low fuel consumption cars will attract people's attention. Therefore, the majority of auto parts enterprises can increase the development and exploitation of energy saving and emission reduction of parts and components products, actively develop this film is not yet mature market.

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