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7 of weapon of China Automotive Export: implement the localization strategy
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In November 10th 11 day, should the Ministry of Commerce's invitation, from Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, Ukraine, Syria, Algeria and other 7 countries of the relevant government officials, the automotive industry association leaders, automobile trade company senior representative, National Research Institute experts and local auto market experts, in Beijing introduced their respective national auto market policies, regulations and certification system, the market demand characteristics information for Chinese automobile enterprises. On behalf of the FAW, Dongfeng, heavy truck, Chery, Geely, the Great Wall, Jianghuai, Futian, Hualing, Xiamen Jinlong, SAIC GM Wuling and other major domestic automobile export enterprises and real traffic electric appliance, Fawer spare parts and other auto parts export enterprises nearly 200 people attended the meeting.
This is China's auto exports to enter the rapid growth of the first stage after several years to organize similar activities. "It is a special 'teach-in'." Organizers said the person concerned.
Many people believe, its particularity lies not only in the domestic automobile export "large" once hear directly from the target market sound opportunities, more is that the government and enterprises in the new international market background for the new advantage of automobile exports to China have a new beginning substantive.
Since this year, China's automobile exports in a faster appreciation of the renminbi, a sudden turn for the worse global economic situation still maintain growth. In vehicle exports as an example, the first 3 quarters of this year, China's export volume and value respectively year-on-year growth of 34.9% and 58.5%. From the bicycle price of view, the first 9 months of this year China's export vehicle for an average price of $13625, each car prices over the same period last year increased by 2000 dollars.
This situation, in some previous years growing export market performance of the more obvious: the first 3 quarters of this year, the total vehicle number up in China to Vietnam's export growth of 141.1%, the total export amount grew 155.9%; exports year-on-year quantity and amount of Egypt's increase was 117.6% and 128.2%; the number and amount of year-on-year growth in exports of Ukraine the 86.9% and 110.3%; growth quantity and amount of export of Algeria are respectively 40.4% and 72.8%. China's vehicle exports appear "price increases".
"Bicycle export prices improve, one is the impact of the RMB appreciation, on the other hand, reflects China's export product added value in the rising trend." FAW delegates said. Great Wall Co representative think, export market demand has pushed the export product structure of our country to change, the export of high added value, the price is relatively higher product is the needs of the market, but also an inevitable choice for enterprises.
The South African National Bureau of standards, Mr Todd said: "the South African people buying when price factor is not the first, we are willing to spend more money to buy better performance products. Because we believe that, if you want a better product, must undertake reasonable price."
"Ukraine domestic car consumer demand began to decline, consumers pay more attention to the quality, and are willing to spend more money." Ukraine national automobile transportation research design is the first deputy director Dr. Aage Jef said.
Representatives of 7 countries unanimously expressed, Chinese automobile enterprises should implement the localization strategy in key export markets, the simple transformation products trade practices.
At present, Iran, Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam and other countries are the automobile industry as the future focus on the development of the industry, and chose the import substitution strategy of economic development -- to encourage local production, imports of imports and CKD part of the vehicle levy high tariffs.
"In Egypt, the localization rate of more than 45% vehicles can enjoy preferential tariff, and the EU on vehicles manufactured in Turkey implementation of the tariff exemption measures, so many Japanese and European companies choose to set up factories in Egypt, rather than the product trade." Tawfiq told reporters. He thinks, for those who want to by Egypt covering North Africa, the EU market Chinese enterprises, investment in local production facilities is a good choice.
"Want to develop better in Syria or other countries, China Company must understand the local culture." Syria Arabia organization for standardization and Metrology electronic department minister Lu Sitang said, the city of Syria domestic consumers on vehicle use very different requirements, only close to the market to get great development.
Vietnam Ministry of transportation vehicle quality department deputy director Ruan Taixiong said: "Vietnam policy changes quickly, if an enterprise to adjust the policy officially disclosed, will be very passive." He suggests that a China Company should maintain close contact with local enterprises in vietnam. He also said, the China Company if you want to have big development in the local, should as early as possible in the local plant, to localize operation.

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